Manuela Balmelli


Accredited doctor, Epatocentro Ticino


University of Brescia
FMH General Internal Medicine, 2012
Educational Qualification in Abdominal Sonography SGUM, 2014


Management of patients with viral and autoimmune hepatitis, NASH/ASH, management of patients with cholestatic and genetic hepatopathies, management of patients with cholestatic diseases during pregnancy, management of patients with cirrhosis of the liver and end-stage liver disease, management of liver transplant patients, management of patients with hepatocarcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, pancreatic tumours, management of hepatopathic patients by means of abdominal sonograph assessment. Performance of evacuative/diagnostic paracenteses. Management of medical emergencies in the Epatrocentro Ticino.

Visit in

Central office in Lugano, short stay patients in the Clinica Luganese Moncucco Department of Internal Medicine (Prof. Cerny), First Aid, University Hospital of Geneva