Daniel Hagara


Accredited doctor, Epatocentro Ticino
Staff doctor, Clinica Luganese
Coordinator of Bariatric Medicine (With the surgeones Dr. Kuhrmeierande and Dr. Donadini) 


Degree in Medicine, University of Berne, 1990
Doctorate University of Berne, 2010
FMH Internal Medicine, 2003
Educational Qualification in Abdominal Sonography, SGUM, 2001


Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, Staff Doctor in the Clinica Luganese, Coordination of Bariatric Medicine (gastric bypass). Management of hepatology cases together with colleagues in the Epatocentro, management of the day hospital in the Epatocentro with diagnostic ultrasound screenings, contrast enhanced ultrasound, diagnostic paracenteses, evacuative paracenteses, thoracenteses, hepatic biopsies, various infusions and infiltrations, teaching in abdominal echograpy courses SGUM I, II and III.
Management of medical emergencies in the Epatocentro Ticino.

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Central office in Lugano, Dr. Cantarelli's practice in Taverne