Constant development in the knowledge and treatments of hepatic diseases places an important duty on the Foundation to disseminate knowledge about the disease and the relevant treatments by organising conferences and seminars aimed at doctors active in Ticino. Our usual events include:

Ticino hepatology symposium
Annual medical convention, supported by the joint initiative of the Foundation, the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC, the Cantonal hospital body) and Swiss Experts in Viral Hepatitis (SEVHep).  It is an established point of reference for examining innovations in the field of hepatology.

Meetings with doctors
Monthly updates and face-to-face meetings.
Other meetings – highly specialised – aimed at specialists and consultants in the Epatocentro.
A second series of meetings provides for the intervention of foreign specialists and is aimed at family doctors and specialists involved in the treatment of patients with hepatological problems.

The liver bulletin
Newsletter expressly conceived to keep doctors constantly updated about the latest news in the field of hepatology and scheduled meetings. To receive the newsletter just fill in the form on the homepage.